Customized products upon request!

Gasoline Products

  • ASF 95 (anti spark fouling) first fill fuel
  • Green ASF 95 based on Alkylate
  • Special formulations according to customer specification

Diesel Products

  • Special formulations on request


  • E 25 – a Diesel fuel reduced by at least 25% CO2 emissions 
  • E xy – higher reduction values on demand 

Alkylate Gasoline

  • 2-stroke gasoline
  • 4-stroke gasoline

Glycol – a 100% certified CO2 neutral recycled product 

  • Earthcare® Glycol E – Mono Ethylene Glycol 
  • Earthcare® Glycol P – Mono Propylene Glycol 

Refinery and Fuel Performance Additives

  • A list of different additives is available separately.

Chemicals from many global manufacturers

  • on request